September 6, 2011

Humbolt county

A hike through the Redwoods

Yep, the trees are really, really big.  They get over 30% of their water from the fog in the air.

 Then on to the beach.  This elk showed up right as I bit into my lunch.  Instead of jumping up and grabbing a shot as he sat 30 feet behind Kevin, I calmly finished my sandwich and took a few as he ambled away.  A missed opportunity for sure...but dang...I was freaking hungry.

 The fog ebbs and flows all day long.

Then off to Fern Canyon.  The walls of this box canyon are lined with a gazillion ferns waving too and fro in the ocean breeze.

They are saying hello!  Be sure to wave back.  Go ahead!  No one is watching!
And then to Trinidad, where the fog flows even more deliriously.  As the day clicked on, this little bay would cover and uncover it self madly and coyly.  Blink and it's gone.  Blink and it's back.  In the winter, this calm little spot hosts 20 foot waves and sometimes the the larger outcropping in the distance is covered.  The community was in the process of removing all the boats you see in the water.  Nothing survives a winter in the water in Trinidad.

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