September 6, 2010

A group of islands

Morning day one.  The Broken Group Islands were created by the god of the people who lived here many centuries ago, in retaliation for their warring.  This used to be a big river with tall banks.  The god broke it up and allowed the earth to shift and move around the sound until it settled here, as what we know as The Broken Group Islands.

The jagged mountains in the background are the south west bank of Vancouver island.

From where do those jet streams come and go?  Who are the people on the planes?  What are they thinking about right now?

Dolphin or porpoise;  Incredible how the color changes so fast out there.

Hello seal.  We didn't go to the outer edges of the Pacific side islands (not enough time), but one guy said the sea lions out there are the size of  small vans.
There is so much going on under water.  I wish I had a polarizing filter for my camera!  Kev's sun glasses revealed even more detail than I was able to capture here.
This tranquil water is the ocean!

We saw tens of thousands of starfish.  There are 2k different kinds in the world and 118 are represented at these islands.  They are not so nice.  They eat almost everything out there, sometimes by injecting their stomach into the shell of whatever they have crawled on top of and immobilized.  And...not very many things eat them.  Starfish are going to take over the world.

It almost looks tropical.  Except for a close examination of the vegetation and the multiple layers of fleece I was wearing.

Changing light.
The interior of Benson Island.  The island range from ones big enough to hike about on and small enough for a single birds claw.

Mussels and clams, clap your hands.
Kev is back there at 2:00.  See him?

We lucked out with beautiful weather, but with a flash...the wind picks up and the water gets choppy.

Blue Heron, see his nest at 10:00?


Afternoon day one, waiting out the wind in a protected cove.  We were the only canoers out there.

 Choppy water in a second. 
Dusk light show later that night.

The cloud formations were a delight to watch.  This funny patch is called stratus praecipitatio.  (okay, i just made that up. i admit it.)
Sunset night one.  I didn't color enhance this photo at all.
Black and white in color on morning day two.  Facing east.
Then south a few minutes later.  The light is constantly shifting.
And again, a few minutes later, as we turn a bend.  The wind picks up, fog rolls in.
I wanted to ask for Grey Poupon, but Kev said we were having peanut butter sandwiches instead.

Out beyond this little cove, is Effington island.  It is the biggest, tallest island in the broken group.  The fog is so heavy you can't even see it.

Hermit crabs tucked into seaweed beds.

Rock climber.
A protected cove beach on the east side of Dempsey Island.  Almost tropical in its crushed shell beach and warmed water.  Right as I took this picture, Kev was crawling around on some driftwood behind me.  He pulled a Three Stooges all by himself...stepped on a old tree trunk that swung up and hit him square in the forehead.  He hardly remembers being here.

Still life, emphasis on life.  Can you spot the live creatures?
A garden of ghosts.
Count the starfish.

So you see the seaweed crab?

 And then, sitting in our little boat, floating on two foot swells, waiting for our taxi back to the main island, a visitor comes to say hello.  We saw this fellow a few miles off and watched as he came closer and closer.  He was about 100 feet off the bow of our little canoe.  Stayed for a bit...and then gone.

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